Apiary Grünwald

In the valley head of Hinterglemm, the Grünwald family has been living in harmony with nature for generations. With a mindful eye on the valuable and enduring, Franz Grünwald and his son Manuel passionately care for the breeding and preservation of their bee colonies. Accompanying them on their journeys between the various locations of their productive colonies, they have much to tell about the gentle and amiable “Carniolan” breed and their experiences as beekeepers. Additionally, they receive much support from Mama or Grandma Maria, who, with great sensitivity and devotion, incorporates her own values into the refinement of the various bee products. “The work with the bees is meditative, it relaxes immensely and causes no stress at all,” say the Grünwalds about their shared passion for beekeeping – and it is precisely this essence that has been passed on to the next generations.

Third-generation organic beekeeping in Hinterglemm. Finest organic natural honey & valuable bee products.

After the passing of beekeeper Josef Grünwald, his son Franz and grandson Manuel continue the family tradition of beekeeping with equal passion for the bees and respect for the environment. Their bees thrive in the idyllic mountain landscapes of Hinterglemm, where they find optimal conditions for their work. Here, they collect nectar in the forests and meadows without the use of pesticides or other harmful substances. This results in a pure natural product that not only tastes delicious but is also rich in valuable ingredients. Franz can be found every Monday during the summer at the Gasslfest in Hinterglemm, where you can taste and purchase the products of the organic beekeeping.

Love, value creation, and sustainability go hand in hand with the Grünwalds, ensuring the best quality. With the understanding of making a meaningful contribution to the environment and future generations, working with the bees becomes a heartfelt endeavor with real added value.

Finest natural products – 100% organic

  • Organic honey in various sizes (liquid and creamy)
  • Different jams depending on the season – sweetened with honey instead of sugar
  • Various organic herbal honeys (e.g., mint, sage, pollen, lemon balm, …)
  • Honeycombs in various sizes
  • Candies with honey + milk or honey + propolis
  • A variety of candles
  • Propolis drops and propolis cream
  • Beeswax pieces
  • Products from the company Haslinger are offered: soap, shower gel, shampoo, foam bath, …

Upon request, we are happy to create a custom gift basket tailored to your preferences.


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You can find the entire range of bee products at our beekeeping facility in Hinterglemm. We would be delighted if you could visit us in person to pick up your products directly. We kindly ask for your understanding that postal shipping is unfortunately not possible.